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Craving for a comfort food? - how to manage your emotional eating

So last week, you got to know yourself a little more with the Emotional Eating questionnaire.

But knowing which emotion trigger your cravings, what good does it do?

By becoming aware of your weakness, you’re already able to pause between when your emotion arises and your cravings.

And that pause can be so powerful to help you make the right choice on what, when, and how to eat.

Mindful Miho’s Smart Eating Tip!

When you feel a certain feeling that triggers your craving, instead of impulsively rushing into the kitchen and grabbing that jar of cookies.


Acknowledge what you are feeling in that situation.

Then go on, make a smart decision.


Now that is a part of mindful eating strategy, it sounds easy on words.

But it can be challenging. Because sometimes, especially in the beginning, it’s too hard or uncomfortable to sit with an unpleasant feeling.

So here are some alternatives until you master the PAUSE. :)

When you feel the unpleasant emotions some of these strategies may help you steer away from your kitchen pantry.

1. Set a timer for 3 minutes, try this breathing exercise.

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed.

Begin by imagining you are holding a bubble wand.

Breathe in deeply and then, as you breathe out slowly and gently, imagine you are blowing bubbles into the room. Imagine the bubbles are filled with peace, love and happiness.

You are filling the whole room with a peaceful, happy feelings.

As you keep breathing slowly and blowing your imaginary bubbles, feel your body become calm and relaxed.

2. Get some exercise! Physical activities even as simple as a brisk walk around the block will bring you at peace

3. Listen to happy songs

4. Guided imagery/ meditation - I often recommend UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research center’s fee guided meditation

5. Talk to a friend, family, or Miho!

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