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Follow Michelangelo's principle for creating beauty

For the longest time, I had struggled with body image and thought my weight was the cause of all my troubles. I convinced myself that I lack in willpower, so I had to eat less and exercise more.

Please nod if you're struggling with lack of discipline?

But you know what, sticking to your New Year's Resolution is not about lack of willpower. You are born with this incredible power to do great things on this earth. Think about what you are passionate about, it could be creating artwork, playing music, playing sports, anything that energizes you. Or it could be the love of food, you don't have willpower issues with your appetite, right? So why are you beating yourself up for something you already possess? The truth is, you just haven't found that your inner superpower yet. I think Michelangelo describes it so well "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." Think of your body is just waiting for you to discover your inner beauty. And don't be mistaken that you need to work your butt off to carve your fat off. Michelangelo didn't beat the marble to create his artwork. He took time and care. Your body is the same.

So today pledge with me that you will take care of yourself! Like this post if you pledge. I’d love to see you join the journey!


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