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What are your favorite SPICES?

Spices l Mindful Eating l Emotional Eating

I am a big fan of Indian spices. They’re so flavorful, colorful, and fun! Growing up in Japan 🇯🇵 I was never familiar with many spices used in other ethnic cuisines. In Japan, we eliminate as many spices and additional flavors possible. So that we can enjoy the simple flavor of each ingredients in the dish. Though I love the simplistic philosophy of the Japanese cuisine, I also like to have fun cooking with different spices! I enjoy eating foods with different spices because it stimulates your taste buds! Exploring different flavors and aroma is just wonderful. It slows me down to savor each bite. that’s a Mindful Eating philosophy. take time and savor the food while you eat.

Next time you’re in the kitchen, try experimenting with different spices or play with different combination of flavors!


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