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Super easy 3 mindful steps you should do before eating

Back in the day when I was struggling with my weight, I thought there's nothing more difficult than losing weight and eating healthy. Healthy foods tasted bad and getting ready to go to the gym was always a hustle. I yearned for an easier way to lose weight and feel good about myself. ⁣ When I met Mindful Eating, it was a total game changer. Mindful Eating doesn't tell you to think but look. Be more aware of what you're eating, how you're eating, how you're thinking about yourself. It's not about thinking about what to eat or not to eat, calculating calories, and planning for a workout routine. It asks you to become aware before you start thinking. ⁣

Today, I want you to take time and observe what you're thinking, feeling, and telling yourself without judgment. ⁣

  • Are you telling yourself that you're too fat and lazy?

  • Are you dragging yourself to go to the gym just because you THINK it's the way to weight loss? ⁣

Just keep an eye on it for now. Cultivate this awareness. ⁣


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