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Are you overwhelmed with your weight loss journey?

What do you believe and not believe in food and nutrition? ⁣ For the longest time in the United States, soy has gotten a negative reputation. But coming from Japan, soy and soy products are part of our daily diet. ⁣ This confused me so much. Should I be eating soy or not? ⁣ There's so much information about nutrition out there. It seems like people are just trying to confuse us, who are just wishing to be healthy as simple as possible. ⁣ In many cases, I see my clients overwhelmed by so much information. Thinking that more information would give them the magic solution to weight loss and health. But I see most of my clients highly educated, knowledgeable professionals struggle to apply the wealth of information they gained to their lives. Do you find yourself struggling in a similar situation? ⁣ Luckily there is a solution and it's easier than you think. No new nutrition information is necessary! It's so simple, no more being confused with contradicting nutrition information. ⁣ The solution is ---- AWARENESS.

Awareness is taking the time to stop and observe what you're doing.

Are you eating out of stress, boredom, or frustration?

Are you stuffing food in your stomach to calm your nerves down? ⁣ Take time to reflect and observe your behavior. ⁣ If you'd like to know more, please subscribe to my 7-day Mindful Eating Challenge. There I explain more in depth on how to incorporate mindful eating in your daily lives. ⁣


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