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Are you a picky eater? How to overcome your picky eating habit.

Khao Soy noodle l Are you a picky eater?

Have you had Kao Soy before? ⁣ I love this spicy aromatic noodle from Northern Thailand. ⁣ It's definitely worth a try. ⁣ Though there were hundreds of delicious dishes I wanted to try while I was in Thailand. I could only eat so much! ⁣ Also, it reminded me of something. ⁣ I used to be a really bad picky eater. ⁣ When I was small, I'd only eat bread, meat, and snacks. I hated all veggies, I refused to eat any greens at all time. ⁣ Interestingly, one of the veggie I hated the most is eggplant. And I love eggplant so much now. ⁣ I wonder what happened?? ⁣ I think it's because I have a wider view of the world. When I was little I only knew so much and I was afraid to explore outside of my comfort zone. ⁣ Many people who struggle with weight tend to get cozy in their comfort zone with food. That's why we call it the comfort food right? Its familiar taste is predictable and pleasurable. So I challenge you this week to try something new, get out of your comfort zone and taste something different. Broaden your view, expand your world. There are millions of amazing flavors and foods out there. I'm sure you'll find something that you'd like. ⁣

Even if you don't, that's fine. Move on, try something different. Simply acknowledge it's not for you, but it may be for somebody else. ⁣


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