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Is Food Your Best Friend?

Do you let food comfort you? I did. Food used to be my best friend. Well still is but I had more of a love/hate relationship with food before. I was in a bad romance with food. Now I enjoy a peaceful, loving relationship with food. ⁣ What I realized through learning how to eat mindfully is to face my feelings. Without realizing, I had so much negative self-esteem, low self-confidence, and hating my body and myself for being lazy. Then I'd blame it all on the food. It was all or nothing relationship. When I was in a good mood, food was my BFF. When I was feeling bad, food was my worst enemy. I'd avoid it at all cost. ⁣ But looking back, food was never my enemy. They all nourished me and supplied me with all the nutrition that I need to sustain my life. Food loved me unconditionally. But what I was doing is that I was putting myself in conditional love when I do good, I loved myself. When I slacked, I hated myself. ⁣ I didn't know that I was letting my feelings take control of my body. So many years I struggled to gain control over myself and my diet. What I didn't do is to take control of my feelings, I ignored it. Because it was uncomfortable and scary. ⁣ Today's quote summarizes my experience very well. Have you been ignoring and avoiding to take control of your feelings? Are you letting your feeling take control of you? Ask to yourself, what your feeling is telling you. ⁣ There's so much you can learn from. ⁣


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