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Are you taking time for self-care?

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It's getting warm here in Portland, Oregon. What do you have planned for this summer? ⁣ The time seems to be flying away. I can't believe it! ⁣ I think that's why it's so important to enjoy the present moment instead of constantly worrying about anything. Nowadays people are so busy and worried about their work, family, and all sort of things. Which gets in a way of our health. High stress and lack of rest can give our body a lot of damage without realizing. ⁣ When you find yourself prioritizing your work before your health, step back and re-strategize. Plan a way to incorporate healthy habits in your busy life. There's many things you can do such as practicing mindful eating, taking a 5-minute mindful break, or taking a yoga break. If you want more idea, visit my website! You can find a list of quick mindful eating practice on my blog. ⁣


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