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My Great Grandmother

my centenarian grandmother

My Great grandmother's funeral was a celebration of life. She lived until she was 102 years old. At her funeral it was bright, no one crying out of grief but everyone felt proud to have a family member who thrived through her life. ⁣ She was a healthy centenarian until 6 months before she passed away. She lived with my grandmother and was always around her family. ⁣ After seeing her funeral, I thought I'd want my funeral to be a celebration. I never thought funerals can be a celebratory thing, but I guess it can be! ⁣ You may think I'm crazy but my ultimate goal is to thrive as a healthy centenarian. ⁣ You may think that I have a good change because I have good genes. But looking at my great grandmother, I don't think it was all about her genes.⁣ I think it was more of her way of life. And I am excited to share that with you.⁣


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