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Are you judging yourself for how you look?

I used to think that people judged me for how I looked based on how I judged myself. ⁣ But the reality is, nobody was judging me as harsh as I was to myself. ⁣ The images of women and girls on the magazines and social media were so glamorous and skinny that I thought I ought to be like them to be liked by people. I didn't know that I could be myself and still have friends.⁣ I wanted to be the cool kid everyone adored, but looking back, I had and still have the very best friends who are kind, caring and accepting of me as who I am.⁣ Use your imagination to your advantage, not to punish yourself for what's lacking. You can be as lovely as you can be, right now at this moment. When you start to change from within, people will notice. You don't have to be half naked on the billboard to be noticed!


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