Get empowered with Mindful Eating

This package is ideal for people who wants to lose weight or improve your health and lifestyle.

Learn how to eat mindfully plus the integrative nutrition tips to keep you nourished for life.

 Get your ideal body without an diet!

  • Learn how to be present while eating
  • Understand why you overeat and where your cravings arise 
  • Enjoy life and worry less about food 
This package includes: 
  • Initial integrative nutrition assessment (90min)
  • 4 follow up sessions (30min each) 
  • Emotional eating assessment 
  • Mindful eating coaching for weight loss and disease prevention 
  • Mindful lifestyle and exercise recommendations 
  • A personalized integrative nutrition plan 
  • Integrative nutrition education 
  • Weekly mindful eating journal review and recommendation 

Miho, it's been a pleasure working with you. Your nonjudgmental, calming, and unique approach to getting at the root causes of my issues are most appreciated. You are a superb listener -- and importantly, you don't lecture. You have a comforting, empathetic approach that is encouraging and inspiring (and fun, too). I find the subtle ways you nudge me toward trying simple things to take steps toward improving are paying off. And you never "prescribe" them -- but you put them out there in a non-threatening way and I always feel compelled to try them, usually with very positive results. I will never need another commercial diet. This is the way to go! So glad we connected.


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