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What Kind of Emotional Eater Are You? Find out with an Emotional Eating Questionnaire!

On average, a person makes 200 decisions about food each day.

  • Whether to eat a bagel or oatmeal for breakfast?

  • Or should I eat or not eat because I’m on a diet?

  • Or does this yogurt contains too much sugar than the other one?

  • Am I eating because I’m hungry or trying to satisfy my emotions?

So what really triggers you to eat?

There are 3 types of cues that your body may respond and urge you to eat.

  1. Physical hunger

  2. Emotional eating

  3. External eating

In this post, I will introduce you to the world of emotional eating.

You know, we’ve all been there. Craving for something sweet after a fight with significant other or after a long, stressful day.

In many occasions, we find ourselves shuffling into the kitchen pantry to satisfy our lonely mouth -regardless of how hungry we are.

Actually, there is a science behind why you act this way!

Craving for something sweet or high carb food is your body’s natural response to self-medicate your body against stress or unpleasant emotions.

Here’s the fact:

When you eat your chocolate chip cookies (high-carbohydrate food)

Increased insulin secretion