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Quick and healthy meal boosters from around the world!! ---Part 1


Nutrition: One of the richest source of plant-based protein. They are also great source of calcium and vitamin C. They are significant source of soluble fiber – they will cleanse your gut! It contains a nutrient called saponin, a type of polyphenol which help reduce high blood pressure and maintaining your blood vessels.

Purchase: recently you can find frozen edamame in the frozen aisle at major supermarkets

Preparation: Just like pasta, bring water to boil and sprinkle a pinch of salt. Put the frozen edamame and boil for 2-3 min. Drain water and serve. Sprinkle a pinch of salt as needed.

Note: the outer shell is not edible!

Sesame Seeds

Nutrition: Excellent source of copper, magnesium, and calcium, this mineral rich seeds are also high in high quality fat. They have been shown to have cholesterol lowering effect, reduce risk of hypertension, and maintain bone and joint health.

Purchase: can be purchased on nuts & seed aisle at major supermarkets, or Asian market such as H mart

Preparation: if not roasted, dry roasting on hot pan can enhance the fragrance and flavor. sprinkle over salad for added crunch. Tahini is a sesame seed spread, used as an ingredient for hummus or can be used on a toast or bagel. Sesame oil is also high in beneficial nutrients -you can mix it with soy sauce and white vinegar to make Asian-flavored dressing! It is very versatile, you can drizzle a small amount over your stir-fry and it will enhance the flavor of the dish.

Sunchoke/Jerusalem Artichoke

Nutrition: High in soluble fiber -which feeds your intestinal microbes. The high fiber content of sunchokes are shown to be effective for lowering high blood sugar and prevent rapid increase of blood sugar. They are rich in iron, magnesium, and zinc -all essential for healthy bones and muscles.

Purchase: you can purchase them fresh at major supermarkets, Whole Foods -they may be available seasonally during late summer/fall.

Preparation: you can eat them raw in salad or stir fry. They don’t have significant taste but it’s crunchiness can be refreshing. You can also roast or stew just like regular potatoes.

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