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I'm not a super hero for weight loss...

Albert Einstein l I have no special talents. l emotional eating l weight loss

Albert Einstein has been my hero since I was in high school. He is a world-famous genius, but he's very genuine, humble, and respectful of others. ⁣ There have been many roadblocks, especially while cultivating a healthier eating habit. His words inspired me that even an ordinary person like me has a chance to be something bigger. ⁣ I've had people comment on how I look recently and she reasoned out that it's because I have good genes. The reality is, I have no special genes nor special talents in eating healthy. ⁣ I struggle with my weight and wasn't happy about how I looked before. But I am passionately curious in learning and perfecting my craft in mindful eating. I truly believe anyone can start eating mindfully and become a better, healthier self. If you're interested in learning more, I've created a 7 day Mindful Eating Challenge. ⁣


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